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Personal Finance for High School

"When my mom signed me up for the financial class, I thought that it would be like regular school, just go, go, go. But then after the first class I became excited to go to classes. I made new friends and learned so many valuable lessons. This class most definitely helped my future. It helped me know what to do with my money when I get a job and he even made me sign up for a scholarship! I would recommend this class to my friends because if I hadn’t taken this class then I would have no idea what to do with money that I will make. Financial Coach Dan has the heart of a teacher!"  


~ C.L. HS Freshmen

"Financial Coach Dan has what Dave Ramsey calls “The Heart of a Teacher”. He genuinely cares about helping his students understand the confusing financial habits of the modern world. Not only is his class informative, it’s fun and provides a chance to collaborate with others who are also learning the same things. Financial Coach Dan transforms the intimidating mountain of accumulating wealth into a laughter-filled course the makes finances a walk in the park. If you ever need any help with anything money related, Financial Coach Dan, well versed in all aspects of money, is your man."


~ A.L. HS Junior

"Financial Coach Dan's high school class has been greatly beneficial not only in learning about how to save money, invest, and get out of debt, but more importantly how to become and stay financially secure. He is very professional and is great at answering any questions you may have. I highly recommend this class to people of any financial literacy level. I feel well equipped to go forward in my financial journey. He truly does have the heart of a teacher."


~ C.P. HS Junior

Coaching Clients

"I am incredibly impressed with Dan's help on getting my situation under control. He zeroed in on solutions that would work for me. He also took the time to explain topics I didn't quite understand. I also appreciate Dan following up with me to ensure I stay on the right track to reach my goals. Thank you Dan!"

~ E.S. Boise ID

"Highly recommend Financial Coach Dan. He is very kind, compassionate, and insightful. He was able to answer financial questions I had with no judgement, analyzing the situation and talking through what made sense. Thank you Coach Dan!"

~ S.V., Yelm WA

"Dan spent a considerable amount of time with me discussing my current financial plan including my quest to follow Dave Ramsey’s Total Money Makeover plan. He is very knowledgeable and I hope to use his services again in the future."

~ J.H. Eads CO